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Our agents. Are your advantage.

Why Sell with Leased & Sold?

At Leased & Sold we prefer to utilise the traditional methods in real estate. What do we mean by this? We prefer face to face contact when networking and building relationships with new clients.

We are a team of loyal, honest and committed estate agents and therefore, we believe it is priority to build a relationship based on these values.  Why are we different? Because we believe in ourselves, we believe in our clients but most of all we believe in Leased & Sold.

Our values and our way of business has led Leased & Sold to become the boutique real estate agency it is today. Our sales team offer extensive knowledge about the industry, and offer a unique selling point for each client, as every home is its own.

We believe in communicating all offers and keeping all parties updated, as maintaining a high level of customer service and maximising your property’s value is what we strive to achieve.