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Tony Brakis

Director at Leased and Sold Estate Agents

After over 20 years working within the real estate industry for various large real estate agencies, Tony Brakis decided in 2010 to leave the larger agencies and develop a more boutique real estate business which not only focuses on the individual needs of the person but also provides a commitment to quality over quantity.  Tony’s success has been due to his ongoing persistence and determination for his clients.  Tony speaks the truth and is not afraid to let clients know what is needed to obtain the best possible outcome, “this is what people want from their agent and what has been valuable to the success of the business”.  A dynamic man, Tony’s energy and enthusiasm for his business is contagious.  Tony has a strong reputation of being consistent, driven and honest, it is these qualities that lead the Leased and Sold team and whom he ensures is the same morals and values of the staff who work by his side.  Tony shares the love of Leased and Sold and real estate with his wife, Daniela, and as a husband and wife team, they both lead Leased and Sold Estate Agents to the future of real estate in Melbourne.  Tony’s life outside of Leased and Sold involves spending time with his two boys, enjoying dinners with his family and friends, entertaining and travelling.

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